The Chester Link are lucky enough to own 6 amazing houses in the Chester area which are home to a total of 16 service users. All 6 houses are perfectly located walking distance from Chester city centre, surrounded by an abundance of facilities and are all easily accessible by public transport on the main bus routes. As well as this, Chester Link support a group of 3 people who live in their own property in the Winsford area and another 1 person receives domiciliary care in his own home.



Back when the company first began after years of setting up the charity their worked payed off and there first 7 bedroom house was selected and mortgage was arranged. The property still now houses six tenants all who have bedrooms with en-suite facilities and shared communal areas and receive 24 hour round the clock support.


2002 saw the purchase of the second Chester Link house which housed a group of six tenants, this house later got sold and more suitable housing was brought for the service users.


The third house was the first smaller scale house which is a 3-bedroom house for two service users who each have individual accommodation with shared communal facilities and have visiting staff support.


This was an important year for the organisation as it saw the purchasing of two houses which replaces the second house which allowed the service users to have more personal space and allowed them to promote their independence more. The first of the two houses is occupied by one service user who enjoys his own company and space with regular support from a team of staff.

Later in the year another large house was purchased, housing the other 5 tenants previously at the second house. The new house consisted of one flat and multiple studio apartments with a shared kitchen, diner and lounge for socializing.


Through the pandemic the company purchased their next property which was another 3-bedroom house which is suited for two tenants.


This year saw the newest purchase of another 3-bedroom house spanning over 3 floors and even has an annex, which when ready two tenants will live in.

Service users pay a weekly service charge to cover their housekeeping and utility bills to help them budget.

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