The Chester Link houses in Chester are situated in an urban setting, within walking distance of the city centre and are all on the main bus routes.

Two of the houses are supported 24 hours a day by support workers. One of these houses has seven en-suite bedrooms including staff accommodation. Six service users share use of the communal areas.

The second house with 24 hour support consists of studio apartments and one flat. There is a shared kitchen diner lounge for socialising.

The third house is a three bedroom house for two service users who each have individual accommodation with shared facilities and have visiting staff support.

The fourth house is occupied by one service users who enjoys his own company and space with regular support from a team of staff.

The accommodation includes domestic and gardening services for all shared areas.

Service users pay a weekly service charge to cover their housekeeping and utility bills to help them budget.

Chester Link also support a group of people who live in their own property in Winsford.

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