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The National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi) is a not-for-profit organisation concerned with promoting inclusion and equality for people who risk exclusion and who need support to lead a full life. They have a particular interest in issues around age, disability, mental health and children and young people.

Much of their work is organised around the following priority themes.

Voice, Choice and Control

Ensuring that the voices of disabled and older people are at the centre of decision making about their lives, so they have choice and control about how services support them to live inclusive…

Where People Live

Where people live is a crucial part of their life and their personal identity. Where you live influences your sense of community and ‘belonging’, and having choice and control over options for…

What People Do

The National Development Team for Inclusion is committed to the right of all people to engage in and benefit from real, paid employment. Employment offers financial rewards, the chance to use existing skills and develop new ones,…

Strategy and Commissioning

From central government to small local organisations, NDTi can help to make sure that plans and strategies are more likely to achieve positive outcomes for people.

People’s Health

Having as good a health as possible is an important starting point for people living good lives in their communities. NDTi has a number of projects around this issue