I was appointed a Trustee of the Chester Link in 2012.

My career started when I qualified in 1988 as a learning disability nurse. Since that time I have had many roles, but initially my focus was moving people with complex needs from large institutions into smaller community based services, ensuring clients, families and staff were prepared and supported through this transition. I became a registered manager, within the NHS, for a number of residential services, before returning to University in 2000 and undertaking further studies to become a specialist practitioner in community learning disability nursing.

In 2001 I was appointed a team manager for a new CAMHS LD (Child and adolescent mental health learning disabilities) team providing support and advice to children (with development delay and learning disabilities) and families within their home, focusing on behavioural interventions.

In 2005 I was appointed as a senior lecturer within the University of Chester, where I led the specialist practice community degree, and the pre-registration learning disability programme.  Since January 2015, I have also been appointed as the Deputy Head of the mental health and learning disability department.

My experience had led me to wanting to ensure that people with learning disabilities have life experiences that allow them to fulfil their full potential, and therefore I feel my role as trustee for the Chester Link will match the philosophy of the organisation, in supporting their tenants and staff.