This page explains how the company came to be set up, to emphasise the role of families and hopefully to encourage other families who may be concerned about the provision for their family members.

In 1993 two families were concerned about future housing and support for their family members (who had learning disabilities). The decision was made to start a new organisation and together with other families and under the leadership of one of the fathers, David Jones, members began the process of setting down the aims and objectives of the organisation. They also followed the lengthy procedure of becoming a Company (limited by guarantee) and obtaining charitable status.

All of this was new territory for the group and the advice and support from our financial and legal professionals was invaluable at this time.

After some years of fruitless funding application the group received a grant from the National Lottery and the process of purchasing and staffing the first house was undertaken. At this stage professional staff were appointed to manage the organisation under the direction of the Board of the Company, on which families continued to play major roles.

The appointment of locally respected Trustees to the board added to the standing and knowledge base of the company with family members continuing to maintain a strong presence on the board and sub-committee positions.

Late in 2009 The Chester Link, which in 1993 had seemed a hopeless, or at the least a very ambitious prospect, celebrated 10 years of successful operations – thanks to the efforts of service users, families, trustees and professional staff.

In 2019, Chester Link were proud to celebrate their 20 year anniversary of operations, and held an afternoon tea party for service users, families, staff and Trustees.